Apply Australia Study Visa

Wishing to study in Australia is an interesting and brave step into a bright future. Even though you cannot visit Australia for face-to-face education, getting a student visa is an essential step on your Study Australia journey. Thus, don't wait and overthink. Contact I-Win Consultants, our team, and we help you and provide you the accurate information about Australia's Visa process.

Apply Australia Visa

Desire to travel, work and study in Australia? We, I-Win IELTS and Visa Consultant team, are here to accomplish your dreams. There are various types of Australian visas you can apply for. We provide kinds of Australian visas like study visas, tourist, working, spouse, etc. Thus, visit us to get more information about the different types of Australian Visas from us.

Australia Study Visa

Nowadays, many students want to go to Australia for their higher studies. Thus, to study in Australia, a study visa is must require for it. So, to know the process and requirements information for an Australia Study Visa, contact I-Win Consultants. We provide you the accurate information about the same.

Australia Working Visa

As the world’s most progressive country, Australia has an extensive demand for qualified talent. Take benefit of this chance by applying for an Australian Work Visa. A temporary work visa allows you to go to Australia to work temporarily. There might be visa requirements on your permit that only allow particular work or work with a specific company. A provisional visa is also a short visa that gives a permanent pathway. You may be capable of applying for a permanent visa related to the provisional visa. If you want to apply work visa for Australia, know more information about it by visiting us.

Australia Tourist Visa

If you are super delighted to see the sensations of Australia, its beaches, deserts, and more. It is a wonderful place to travel, but before you even start dreaming about cheer those wonderful beaches and deserts, be sure your visa formalities are completed, and you are all ready to fly. Contact and visit I-Win Consultants to study the Australian visa, rules, and quarantine regulations. This involves varieties of visa applications, what to declare, and what is banned in Australia.

Australia Visitor Visa

The Visitor visa is planned for people who are not suitable for the eVisitor or Electronic Travel Authority permit. This visa allows you to visit Australia, both for tourism or business objectives, for more than three to twelve months. Candidates will have to pay the price to submit their applications. If you want to know more regarding this visa, contact us.

Investor Visa Australia

This provisional permit is for individuals with business abilities. It allows you to operate a new or existing business in Australia. This temporary visa requires you to invest at least AUD2.5 million in Australian investments that meet certain requirements and maintain business or investment activity in Australia.

Spouse Visa Australia

This visa enables the partner or spouse of an Australian resident, Australian permanent resident, or qualified New Zealand immigrant to stay within Australia. You appeal for the temporary and the permanent spouse visas together. Getting this visa is the first move towards a permanent Partner visa.

To get more information contact or visit us. Our contact details are given on I-Win IELTS and Visa Consultants.

Apply Australia Study Visa FAQ

The key requirements of immigration to Australia from India are:

    Keep all the academic documents ready along with IELTS Certificate.

    • Select an appropriate visa
    • Character and Health requirements
    • Choose a profession from SOL (Skilled Occupation List)
    • After the above formalities are done, the applicant has to apply directly to Australia’s point-based system.

To study in Australia, you meet the following key Australian student visa requirements:

  • Requirement of Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)
  • Financial claims
  • English proficiency necessities
  • Health and character requirements

A study visa for Australia requires the Student to get at least 5.5 in each module. IELTS bands demand a minimum score of 6.0 bands overall and more for undergraduate programs

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