How To Crack IELTS In 30 Days

How To Crack IELTS In 30 Days- I-Win expert tips

Are you terrified because you have only one month left for your IELTS exam? And you want to know how to crack IELTS in 30 days? 

We understand your scenario as the test result matters in opening your abroad study door. For clearing the exam, you have to make a schedule of your study and follow the same seriously. 

If you want to clear the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), you have to start preparation right now!

Keep in mind that your success in the exam will depend on your practice more. Before continuing with the 30 days study plan for IELTS, let’s look at the important points of the IELTS exam.     

An overview of the IELTS exam-

It is a test of english proficiency conducted by the Cambridge University, idp, and the British council. It assesses the person based on their command of English. They get scores according to their English knowledge.  

Usually, this test is utilized for study abroad and immigration purposes. Normally, different universities have different admissions rules, but every university needs the IELTS scores of every candidate. The minimum requirement of the score is 6 band        

Understand the IELTS test format

The first and foremost thing you have to analyze is understanding the test format before starting preparation.

Know the modules

You must know about all the modules of IELTS and their points.

Test duration

You must know about the duration of the test of each module-

  • Listening- 30 minutes
  • Reading- 60 minutes
  • Writing-60 minutes
  • Speaking-11-14 minutes

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The IELTS scores are measured between 0-9 bands. The table mentioned below show the band score and the level of the candidate-

Band ScoreSkill Level
9Expert user
8Very good user
7Good user
6Competent user
5Modest user
4Limited user
3Extremely limited user
2Intermittent user
0Test not attempted

Tips On How To Crack IELTS In 30 Days

Now you can understand the IELTS exam pattern and the time duration. Let’s move on to the answer to your question about how to crack IELTS in 30 days. The list of the tips mentioned below will help you score a good score.

Follow these tips and clear your exam with flying colors!

1 know the structure properly

Firstly, you must know about the exam structure properly. IELTS has four modules-





Go through the mock test to know the type of questions that will come in the exam. If you are aware of the exam pattern, you will give the exam more confidently. 

Quick Tip-

For the first two days, know the grading pattern, structure, essential points, note the relevant points so that you have clarity in your mind regarding the format.  

2 Target the required score

It would be best to plan the score as per your aspired university requirement. Every university requires a different minimum IELTS score. So you have to check the requirements and start your work on it. It will help you in getting admission to your dream university.

Quick Tip

Before preparing for IELTS, you must try some mock tests and know your score; after that, start preparing as per your level.  

3 Gather material from genuine resources

There are various resources available online, and also so many books available in both form paperback and online. That is why it is difficult for IELTS aspirants to choose the best one. After the proper research, I can suggest you follow, or books such as Cambridge IELTS are the most trustworthy books you can rely on. 

Quick Tip

Resources matter a lot in your IELTS score, so always use authentic resources and Update yourself with the changes well in time.

4 Give mock test 

It is one of the important tips on how to crack IELTS in 30 days. The reason behind giving this test is to practice daily and assess your performance daily. 

Quick Tip

I want to suggest that you complete one mock test daily so that you can improve in your study as per your performance.

5 Speak with someone who has English fluency

It is a great idea if you want to improve your English fluency. Speaking English daily with your family or friends helps you develop confidence and make you comfortable with the English language.  

Quick Tip

Speaking before the person who will give you genuine feedback is a great help, and you already know where to improve before the exam.

6 Develop time management skill  

In the IELTS exam, time management is the most important skill you have to work on. As I already mentioned, each module’s time duration, so make sure you are preparing according to the time.   

Quick Tip

For reading, you will get 60 minutes for three passages. I suggest you complete the first two paragraphs in 15 minutes and the last one in 20 minutes so that you can get 10 minutes for revision.

7 Do practice daily

You must hear about this quote- Practice makes a man perfect! So make a habit of practicing daily and preparing yourself for the exam

Quick Tip

Know your weak points while doing practice and start improving them. 

8 Meditation

It is one of the additional tips on how to crack IELTS in 30 days. Meditation helps create focus, so give 20 minutes daily to it. It is helpful in your reading and writing section.

Quick Tip

Meditation helps you in building concentration power. Concentration on your reading and listening enables you to get good bands. 

Final verdict

I hope the above tips will help you achieve your ideal IELTS band score. Follow the above tips on how to crack IELTS in 30 days and clear your exam within 30 days with good bands. 

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1 If someone speaks fast in English, it can be a drawback?

Yes, of course! Speaking fast will have a bad impact on your band score. So you have to speak neither too fast nor too slow. Good fluency is essential for scoring good bands in IELTS.

2 How can I do my IELTS preparation? Should I do it at home or join a coaching center?

It is up to you! You can do IELTS preparation at home or join coaching for it. If you need a proper classroom environment, you can opt for coaching. Moreover, if you take coaching, you can clear your doubts with your teachers and coaching mates.

3 For which tenure the IELTS score is valid?

It is valid for two years, and you have a golden chance to apply for an academic or work permit in this tenure. Moreover, it is compulsory to show your test result to show your academic eligibility. It varies as per the university requirements.

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