Tips On How To score Good Marks In IELTS: Score 8 band

Many think of clearing this exam with flying colors, but they don’t know how to score good marks in IELTS. Here you will know the useful tips for scoring good marks in IELTS. 

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a universal patterned test/examination of English language proficiency. It is for non-native English speakers. It was built in 1989 and is managed by IDP: IELTS Australia, British Council, and Cambridge Assessment English. This test is helpful for people who are searching for an international job, migration, or education. This test is conducted to evaluate English language abilities that are needed to sustain in countries where English is the first language.

Countries following IELTS

IELTS is known to be one of the world’s major English language tests. This system of testing is accepted by many academic institutions and professional organizations including countries such as Australia, New Zealand, British, Canadian, Europe, and Irish.

This testing system is approved by UK visa and immigration for both UK insider and outsider customers applying for visas. 

IELTS Characteristics

This test is designed to range the ability from non-user to expert user. This test is conducted for those who want to immigrate to an English-speaking country for work, jobs, secondary education, and other work.

Characteristics of IELTS are

  • This testing system includes reading, writing, speaking and listen ability,
  • Band scales range from 0 (not attempted the test) to 9 (expert user).
  • Variety of accents and creative styles are presented to overcome the linguistic bias.
  • Developed by expert writers around the world.
  • Interviews are conducted and English-speaking sessions are recorded.

IELTS Test Structure

This test is conducted in two modules-

  • Academic Module
  • General Training Module

The following two are conducted on two different basis 

  • Academic Module for those who want to immigrate for the purpose of higher education in the universities or who want to be professional.
  • The General Module is conducted for those who are going to just gain work experience or to take non- academic training or for immigration purposes.

Four parts of the IELTS test-

Type Of Test Duration of test
Listening30 minutes
Reading 60 minutes
Writing6o minutes
Speaking 10-15 minutes

Total test timing 2 hours 45 minutes

Listening, writing, and reading are completed in one sitting but speaking takes on another day. Everyone wants to score good grades in exams but they face difficulty in it. So here we mention some of the useful tips on how to score good marks in IELTS.

How to score good marks in IELTS?

This is the question of many, as scoring well in IELTS shows our command of the English language.

There are several effective tips for scoring good in IELTS they are given below go through all of them-


  • Before the listening test go through radio programs, lectures, English movies and news.
  • Be comfortable and practice yourself with a listening test by matching multiple choice questions.
  • During the test make sure that your full concentration is on the speakers and listen to each and every word with full focus.
  • Read the instructions of booklets very carefully.


  • Before the reading test practice reading novels, different books and newspapers with proper accent.
  • If you have difficulty in catching the meaning of a word then try guessing it first and then go through the dictionary.
  • Practice reading in a time frame.
  • Be familiar with academic and general test questions.
  • Practice reading difficult words without taking a break.
  • Learn punctuations.
  • During the test read the instructions carefully.
  • Underline the key points
  • Divide time wisely.


  • Before going for the writing test go through charts, graphs, diagrams and try to analyze them in good English.
  • Increase the idea skills and vocabulary.
  • During the test, understand the essay question.
  • Do not overwrite as it will lead to deduction marks.
  • Manage time and leave 3 minutes to revise at last.


  • Before test practice speaking.
  • Speak in English with friends and family
  • Read newspapers and listen to English podcasts.
  • During the test, staying calm and relaxed will help you in better performance.
  • Pay attention to your body language.
  • Keep the topic
  • Do not overuse gestures.
  • Use neutral and semi formal language.


These are some of the effective tips on how to score good marks in IELTS. I hope this will help you in scoring marks. Follow all the tips effectively; it will take time and effort to do your best and have confidence. 

Practice is the key to scoring good marks in IELTS. So make a schedule and follow it daily for achieving a good score in your exam. If you are facing problems in the reading section of the exam, then you can also read how to improve reading in IELTS.

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